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20th Anniversary event

February 24-25, 2023
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capoeiristas CDO las vegas

At Capoeira de Valor Las Vegas (CDVLV) we include everyone no matter your background.  We strive to provide a safe welcoming environment so you can focus on learning this wonderful art.

Capoeira de Valor Las Vegas

Capoeira de Valor has been training in the Las Vegas area since 2004 and has two locations in the valley.


Capoeira movements contain elements of self-defense, physicality, acrobatics, dance, etc.  Other physical improvements can include greater flexibility, stamina, muscle growth, etc.  So join us in building a better you!

One aspect of Capoeira that makes it different than other martial arts is the music.  It controls the flow of the game, allows you to contribute to the art, and expands your knowledge of the Portuguese language.  Most importantly, it was used a part of the disguise when Capoeira first developed.


"I have really grown as a player at CDV. Before I came here, I had plateaued in my game but I have learned so much in only a year with CDV. The instructors at CDV have a great way of breaking down each capoeira move/ sequence so that they really click and you understand them. Each class is something new, and the other students are really supportive. We also spend time practicing singing and instruments, which has helped so much. I highly recommend training under CDV for all levels—-beginning through advanced." - Jasmine

"When I started CDV I had no intentions of doing it for myself it was for my daughter I wanted her to gain confidence and discipline she was 5 years young, she joined and I saw her transform. Little did I know that I was going to start doing it myself, I feel in love. Not only does Capoeira keep me young, it makes me feel strong confident, but also i gain a world of knowledge, learning music Martial arts defense etc . I  learn real true history of African cultures of Brazil.  As long as I can physically do it or sing or play an instrument I will be there." - Veronica (aka "Chispa"

kids class,CDV,drums
Kids classes

We have kids classes available from the ages of 7-12.  At the age of 13 we recommend the child starts to train in the adult class so they can progress accordingly.

Culture & Community

A sense of culture builds strong communities.  CDVLV aims to grow these cultural roots in the Las Vegas area so the community develops and its citizens become part of something bigger than the individual.

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